Explanation of new ‘scene modes’ | DJI FORUM

can someone explain exactly what the newly added scene mode menu does please ?This appeared on the original osmo firmware a few months back with walking, sticky, etcBut no explanation anywhere (other than release note saying they were added)So I’m not looking for’ set it to walking when walking’… I’m looking for a technical explanation of what each mode does so that as a pro, I can make a decision about when to use it please ?I do find it very weird that time and effort goes into new features like this, then no effort at all into telling customers what they do…what’s the point ? Sigh.

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DJI Phantom 4 – how to fix video artifacts\noise when tilting the camera – YouTube 

The 3D Noise Reduction option is an option to reduce noise when recording. It works OK for night shooting I guess but can introduce compression artefacts into the video if used in the day. Use with caution.” (http://www.phantom4-guide.co.uk/faq/3d-noise-reduction-option-go/)

Eliminando artefatos na imagem (função 3D Noise Reduction desabilitada)

Quer usar um drone? Respeite as regras!DJI Will Cripple Your Drone if You Don’t Register It on the Company’s Website

DJI just made a weird but ultimately sensible announcement. The next firmware updates for all of its drone models will require users to log into the website for a “new application activation process.” If you don’t, DJI will turn your drone into a lame hunk of plastic that barely flies.

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