Drone Captures Near Death Event – UnlimiteDrone

The incident that happened in Pell City Alabama and which was covered by many international tv stations, was filmed with a Phantom 2 and a modified GoPro. The footage starts right after the demolition team tried to destroy the smokestack with TNT two times. They then used a bulldozer do finish the job but the result […]

Fonte: Drone Captures Near Death Event – UnlimiteDrone

Phantom 2 Vision Plus Check HERE FIRST | DJI FORUM

FOR NEW OWNERS OF THE DJI PHANTOM   It’ll save you going through pages and pages…   Happy Flying                            1.   If you’ve crashed it and bent the gimbal or tore the little black ribbon cable, you can only send it back to DJI for repair or buy a new camera/gimbal   combination. You CANNOT substitute a GoPro camera with a Zenmuse. End of story. Contact you dealer or DJI. 2.   If your gimbal is shaking and vibrating or off the level, you may be able to repair it following the advice here viewtopic.php?f=27&t=19653&hilit=solved 3.   If the gimbal is off level slightly, a full IMU recalibration in the software assistant may cure it. 4.   If you remove the camera/gimbal, you will not be able to see anything in the app. 5.   The camera is NOT replaceable with a GoPro. 6.&nb

Fonte: Phantom 2 Vision Plus Check HERE FIRST | DJI FORUM